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MyCaseTracker v2.0 in progress

November 7, 2012

With the launch of MyCaseTracker, I am inspired by the daily visiting volume. V2.0 is in progress with a whole bunch of new items, analytic tools and increasing engine performance. Below are the highlights:

1. Scrubbing engine will be again improved to increase performance. This includes robust detection of not-yet-opened receipt region and auto-detection of approval and denial status. 

2. Analytic tools are completely renovated. New statistics and graphs are to be produced. Survival analysis will be included, and center performance comparison will be included. 

3. The most exciting add-on is what is called “claim your receipt”. With this new tool, you are able to claim your receipt, and your family members’ receipts, link your multiple receipts (i.e., 140-765-131-485). These info will be used to create more analytics.

Stay tuned..  @myCaseTracker


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  1. destinio permalink

    Hi, I wonder if your tracker has stopped getting updated status. My case was updated yesterday yet when I search a block of numbers including my number, it didn’t show any change since 1/10/2013.

  2. Thank you for your comments. There will always be a delay for the scrubbing engine to fully scan receipt regions. Please submit your block of numbers in “Batch Job” page for a faster refresh.

    I will have the auto-refresh as a new function to the scrubbing engine in the next release.

  3. toni permalink

    what does Number Processed = 10000, Current Status = Completed mean and what is the source of the data?

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment. A block is defined as 10000 receipt numbers. When it is 10000, the entire block is processed. The source is public data from USCIS.

  4. toni permalink

    Is there a way to pull all approved case numbers per day?

    • It’s work in progress. A complete renovated design will be launched in weeks. Thanks for your advice and support!

  5. toni permalink

    What’s the difference between PlugBox, DomU and IP? BTW, it looks like USCIS is even working on weekends 🙂

  6. Hello,
    This is an excellent service. Congratulations for that.
    I had a couple of queries.

    1) How often does the interface crawl for USCIS data ?
    2) What can be the potential delay involved with regards to the status displayed ? i.e. I checked a USCIS I-765 ID which I know has a status of “New Card Produced” but when I check on this website I get the status of “Case received”.

    Again congratulations on this service.

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