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Some facts about myCaseTracker

August 21, 2013

One year later, myCaseTracker has tracked more than 3.2 Million receipts. That is over 4.2 Million status update records.  We have upto 30 agents concurrent cloud-based agents running 24/7 and are able to scan more than 30,000 records per day. Thank you for all your queries, inputs and supports, these numbers are growing rapidly everyday. 


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  1. Great job, this site is awesome for people like me that are interested in facts rather than speculations. Its is highly recommended.
    Just a quick question-When you say search by RD- do you mean that as the recived date by USCIS or notice date? Per USCIS my application was received on the June 3rd but when I serach the mycase analysis function on 2.0 It hsows up as RD June 6 which is my notice date per USCIS.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for your comment. RD is Receipt Date. It is the date when you search USCIS saying “On June xx, we have received … “. The difference for your case could be resulted from the tracker missed your first status update. In this case, RD is derived from your neighbor receipts and sometime it is offset by some days.

  3. Thanks for the response. Been playing on your site all day: Another question. what is the proper interpretation for the “job submission list” Are those what USCIS officials are currently working on? It might be helpful to put some guide about what each term ( priority, status, number processed) represents.
    Thanks again for your help.

    • No, it is not. It shows my current scrapers working status.

      • toni permalink

        and I thought USCIS is working everyday until 1am even on weekends 🙂 So I was checking it for weeks for nothing?

  4. Haha! Toni- I had my hopes dashed too!! Hopefully this ordeal with USCIS will end soon

  5. toni permalink

    amen! 🙂

  6. Just a comment- if you do search src139030000 and 10000 receipts. the 1485 approval reads 1758 (63.2%) but if you add the the individual cases it adds up to 1766. Not hat it changes anything but just wanted to bring that to your attention

    • Ade, thanks for your comments. There are 8 denied cases shown as “Decision”. That will add up to 1766 in total. 🙂

  7. Oh ok. that makes sense. thanks for the clarification

  8. Ade permalink

    Hi its me again,

    Just wondering why the Nebraska data for those that filed 1-485 on June 6 seems so off compared to TSC. Its like 22% while TSC is like 63%. I guess It is quite possible that nebraska has many more cases to deal with but I’m wondering why almost four months after the application, there is still just 22% approval. I filed with tsc tho so i’m not affected really.

  9. I entered my RD and the system reports 72 cases were received on that day. However, when I entered my receipt number, it says there were 26 cases to start off (0 day) and now (at 150 days) there are 10 cases left to process or still processing. I am little confused why its showing 26 cases instead of 72 cases to start off (at day 0). Could you please clarify. I appreciate your answers

  10. D Dee permalink

    Hi there…how do I read the results for the Analysis for a specific receipt? Particularly, the percentile number and the percentage not processed? Thank you!

  11. I think the case status are not getting updated for last 10 days.

    • Can you pm me your receipt number and I will check. Usually the system is about 2-3 days delay, but once anyone checked your receipt region, it will trigger system to update. Thx.

      • i am trying src1390401000 +3000 cases for last couple of weeks no changes after may 02, 2014

      • It is set in queue for processing.. It should be scanned today for results later in the day or tomorrow. Thanks.

  12. Sorry to bother you again. If we run this series (1390401000), It doesnt run i guess.

  13. how come “mycaseanalysis” does not accept EAC numbers

    • is there any special application type you are looking for other than 140 or 485 at EAC?

      • Hi , I’m looking for i-765 application type with an EAC reference number. Also, how does this site work. This is amazing if this is accurate.

      • Dasan permalink

        I am too wondering how this system works. How does the system retrieves information from USCIS.

      • Any fix for EAC applications?

      • yes. it is added to case analysis.

      • Thanks. How do we read the graph produced? what does it tell us

      • It is called a survival plot. the top plot shows the drop down of all receipts of the same type on the same day as yours, with different decisions. the bottom plot shows your percentile w.r.t. all the receipts with the same RD. So you can read how your receipt compares to others in terms of processing speed.

  14. dban permalink

    HI ,

    I am looking for the current status (other than the one on USCIS website) of my case number SRC1490300815….is there a way to know if it has been queued or running?

    • the last scan was around 8/12. and it is scheduled to run again today and should finish by sometime tomorrow. thx

  15. dban permalink

    Thnx, Once the scan is complete how will the data show up? Will I be able to search for the internal status of my partcular case? Or will it just show statistics of the block of cases in which my case falls? Excuse me if these are dumb questions but I am trying to make sense of some of the features of the engine/search tool……very cool search engine …..USCIS should have had one like this

    • Thank you. To your question, the answer is no, it is all based on the public available data on uscis website.

      • Also, on the service center performance graphs, EAC does not show up.

  16. how does the “Batch Job to Scan Receipt Processing Status” work ?

  17. WAC1480004693 is my case number, but for some reason it does not show my case analysis. Is there a issue with the site of is it something else ?

  18. kevin permalink

    Can you explain how to read the ‘Candlestick’ like graph in ‘Form processing’ Link. Thank you.

  19. Neha permalink

    Hi There, My case number is LIN1590384XXX , when i search by Recei[t date the RD shows up as Oct 6th, 2014 but my application was received on Dec16th, 2014.

    • Thanks for your comment. There could be cases with wrong RD as the status on CIS website doesn’t retain history. So if the tracker misses the original RD date status, it will guess based on other receipt numbers which causes this discrepancy.

  20. Neha permalink

    Is there a way to split applications by type – new or renewal ?
    Where does your system get its data from ? Is there a tracking db where public is entering their updates ?

    • No. The information is all based on publicly available data. No new/renewal information is available to us.

  21. How do you make the query? I sometimes see different data intraday (like, 3pm data shows 55% approved whereas 10am data showed only 50% approved) and was wondering if you make the query in real-time as I make the submission or you have a cache of data or something. For instance, if my I-485 gets approved at 1pm, is it possible that it’s not showing up in 10am query but does show up at 4pm query?

    • The main database is refreshed 3-4 times a day. There could be newly added cases during a refresh and change the results.. Usually there is a delay of days before the tracker updates the same receipt region as there are millions of receipts and we only have limited trackers.

  22. On the search by RD page, there is a discrepancy in number of approved cases.
    For example, for ‘current status for RD at 2015-01-15 and Form I140’ it says number of approved cases is 55, but in the detailed table, it says number of approved cases is 1.
    I have tried this for multiple dates.

  23. Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me to understand. Under Service Centers, For I485 Processing, why the median number is keep increasing ? Today is 191 days, does it mean the processing of I485 is getting slower ?

    • In general, I think this is true. There has been discussion on other forum about slowing down in SRC. The data is subject to accuracy, but the general slow-down trend should be consistent.

  24. When I enter my case number in the ‘MyCase Analysis’ section, it shows results for the wrong receipt date. Why?

    • There could be cases with inaccurate RD as the status on CIS website doesn’t retain history. So if the tracker misses the original RD date status, it will guess based on other receipt numbers which causes this discrepancy.

  25. Form processing -> !40 -> SRC
    Could you explain the daily processing trend graft?
    What the y axis confusing. My receipt number is SRC158000xxxx, but that does not fit on the present y axis.
    Also, wonderful website!!

    • Daily processing trend shows the receipt band where majority of cases is processed on a specific day. Thank you.

      • That makes sense! It would be helpful if you are able to add the number of cases approved on a particular day to the graph.

  26. NSC receipt numbers now have a format LINYY9MMABCDE LIN – 3 character code for Nebraska service center YY – fiscal year 9 – fixed digit assigned MM -2 digit count for month if filing in fiscal year 01 for oct , 02 for nov, 03 for dec …12 for sept 2015 ABCDE – 5 digit case sequence number.
    Can I ou update your system so that all receipt numbers fall with correct received date?

  27. re: Form processing -> I-140 for SRC:
    Month of October is missing and Jan has 2 columns.
    – Would you be able to fix that?
    – Also, in the bars, it would be helpful if you can add the number of cases approved in a particular month. Texas service center is experiencing some major delays and it would be helpful to see if there are picking up!

  28. Processes look stuck. I have not seen the numbers move or change on the search by receipt number for last 3 days .

  29. Hi buddy – just curious if you are able to add a feature to relieve which receipt numbers by case type were approved on x date ?

  30. rick permalink

    Hi, could you please explain the Job submission engine?, I don’t quite understand the fields.and could you please elaborate about the status ie queue, running or completed, I see this morning that 49 jobs are in queue and 1 in running so was wondering about what is different.


  31. Dolly permalink

    hi, what is the percentile graph. I observe the number of days is increasing each day when i enter my receipt numer under my case analysis. Is it that my case is getting further delayed as the days are passing or that it is just showing how many days passed. Please clarify. And also explain daily processing trent of I-485 under “form processing”

  32. Dolly permalink

    hi, I am waiting for the above reply. Please clarify “Percentile Graph” under “My Case Ananlysis” and “Daily Processing Trend of I-485” under “Form Processing”

    • Percentile graph shows your relative position for the submissions on the same day and same form as yours. If you got 10%, it means you are at top 10% compared to your peers.

      Daily processing trend graph shows a boxplot where majority of the applications were processed given a date. The graph can be skewed if there are outliers, but if you see a bar, it indicates the range of the receipt numbers.

  33. how do I read the Job Submission tab & the report in it….when I put in my application number it says it is either in queue or running or completed!! Not able to understand the comments!!

  34. Dolly permalink

    I could see my receipt number as “running” under “Job Submission” tab. What does it indicate. Please let me know. Waiting eagerly for your reply. Thanks

  35. Parul permalink

    Very nice site. However one observation, after approval, the status changes to sent to state department as a post processing step. Your stats consider it still under process which is incorrect. It should be counted under approved.

  36. Eugene permalink

    Your website is not uploading Nebraska 485 data for a long time. My case had several updates recently but these updates are not seen on your site. Moreover, since 2/23, I can’t see any 485 cases approved from RD early November. For this reason, under Service Centers – Nebraska 485 is increasing day by day from 170 to 185 now.

  37. Tracy permalink

    I would like to check EAC status for I539 application. Can you please help? Thank you! I have already submitted my case in the “job submission” section.

  38. Hi, great site! Thank you for providing us with some reliable info in the madness of this process…
    Got a question and possibly a suggestion: in the processing of the i140, for each service center, does the average time for processing takes into account the premium process? If not, will it be possible to add to the algorithm somehow, to get a better average as of how long does it really take each service center to process the i140 on regular processing (just a suggestion, if you have the received date, an the approval date, than you know that everything that takes 15 days, is probably premium, and although some people might still decide to upgrade down the road after a few months, subtracting the premium process from the equation, will allow a better prediction for the regular process people).

    Thank you!

  39. emzet permalink

    Great work on putting all this together!
    But the data hasn’t updated for over a week now – is there an issue?

  40. Sofia Maysel permalink

    Good day, what is the distribution of I765 categories? If the USCIS site says 2-5 months for some categories, 5 months when they finish 93% of casews. But when I look at this site-5 months ago only 40% is done in WAC center!!

  41. Saramsha Ghimire permalink

    Hi Good Day,
    there is no update in 1-140 since feb. is there any problem ?

  42. linda permalink

    Hi! Why is it that even when I go check RD from 11-12 months ago, the approval rate at some centers are still low around 20% to 30%? Is it because USCIS itself don’t update the status of certain cases, while they have already been approved a long time ago?

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